Please note that registration has now been fully automated in all centres. That is, all candidates are required to register online for the Nysc Examinations – PLEASE NOTE, THE ONLINE REGISTRATION APPLIES TO ALL TUITION CENTRES.




Below is the instruction for registration on the NIM Portal:

  1. Visit our
  2. Click on application form under NIM/NYSC Graduate Programme on the left pane.
  3. Create a profile by completing the form on the portal
  4. Complete the application form and select a payment option (ATM Card or Bank)
  5. To make payment using your ATM card; select the option for Debit Card and fill in your Card Details.
    1. To make payment at the Bank; select the option for Bank Payment and Print The acknowledgement; take the acknowledgement to any commercial bank and pay the stipulated fee. (Tell the bank you are paying for NIM NYSC Exam using PAYDirect)
  6. After Payment, either at the bank or using your ATM card, you will receive an email with your EXAMINATION NUMBER. If you do not receieve that.
  7. Visit the portal and click on "Check Exam Number" and login with your email and password to get your exam number.
  8. If you have exam number, click on "Examination photocard" login with your email and password then supply your exam number to print your photocard.
  9. Take a copy of your receipt to the nearest tuition center to register for lecture.
  10. When results are released, and you have passed, you will be required to register for induction by completing the form “Induction Registration” on the portal.
  11. Note that your password and email are very important from the begining to the end of the process. kindly keep it safe!