Membership Induction Programme

For Graduate, Associate and Member Grades
HELPLINES: 08052597204, 08052597247

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  1. Please DO NOT REGISTER HERE if you sat for NIM-NYSC Exams.
  2. Save your passport as SURNAME_FIRSTNAME (e.g. Chukwu Abiola Passport will be saved as chukwu_abiola) before uploading.
  3. You are to submit the form only ONCE: All double submitions will be DISQUALIFIED.
  4. All Certificates and ID card will be printed exactly the way this form is filled.
  5. All Fields marked * are mandatory.
  6. Do not use MOBILE PHONE to fill this form because you need to PRINTOUT an acknowledgement at the end.
  7. You are to fill this form in CAPITAL latters.
  8. Please DO NOT use Firefox Browser to fill this form