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NIM - NYSC ...partnering for professional excellence

Be a Professional Manager



This is a unique occasion, a unique opportunity and a turning point in the lives of our youths. You are the future leaders of our great country. A Country abundantly blessed with resources that have been mismanaged for too many years. But for mismanagement our country would have become one of the greatest in the world today. The hope is not completely lost. It could be better if only we will all rise up to the challenges of effective management from today. This is why the Nigerian Institute of Management is here today, with the promise to work in partnership with National Youth Service Corps to help corpers acquire management skills that will make a world of difference in their lives.

We are here to offer you the best we can, so that you can make the best out of this your one year of service to your father land. We are here to say that you have every opportunity to right the wrongs of the past in this country through developed management skills. We are here to open your eyes to the practical realities of your time. Mismanagement is all ill-wind with terrible consequences. That is why Nigeria, the great leader in Africa is being associated with poverty today. It ought not to be so and we believe that if you learn to manage from today, you will change the situation. Effective management of resources can turn things around.

You have the opportunity to be great and be fulfilled in life. Say not to the old order of mismanagement and corruption. Take the bull by the horns and begin to acquire management skills from today for the challenges ahead of you. Stand up and be counted. You have graduated into a difficult world, and you must equip yourself with skills to survive and grow to greatness Management is the answer. 

The Role of Nigerian Institute of management

The New Vision of the Institute is to be the SOURCE and SYMBOL of Management excellence.

The Nigerian Institute of Management is the professional body established by 2003 Act No. 14 of the National Assembly and charged with the general duty of;

a. Determining what standards of knowledge and skill are to be attained by persons seeking to become members of the management profession and raising those standards from time to time as circumstances may permit;

b.Securing in accordance with the provisions of this Act the establishment and maintenance of registers of members and the publication from time to time of a list of those members;

c.Regulating and controlling the profession of management in all its aspects and ramifications and d. Performing through the Council under this Act the functions conferred on it by this act. The Institute is therefore doing everything possible to promote management excellence in Nigeria and to regulated and control the practices.

  • We are therefore here today with the permission of NYSC Management to discuss the importance of effective management with the youth corpers. 

  • You are very important to this nation.
  • You hold the key to the better tomorrow of this country.
  • You must register with the Institute today to prepare for your future as a professional manager
  • The law (2000 Act No. 14 of the National Assembly) requires you to register with NIM as a professional manager for you to be recognized as a management practitioner in Nigeria.
  • This law will soon be implemented in Nigeria.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity today.
  • Any further delay may make it difficult for you.

You must succeed where the older generation has failed. We have mismanaged our resources for too long and we are all paying the price today. But we believe that there is a future for our beloved country and this future is in your hands.

For you to manage this future very well, you must have a vision of what you want to be and what you will do for your country. Look beyond today's joblessness and despair. Without positive vision you will perish. You must not allow your talent potentials to rot away. There is a lot you can do for yourselves and this country, despite your difficult situation.

Develop your management skills today and be a success story tomorrow. Challenge yourselves that you were not born to fail but to win. Who dares wins! You can change Nigeria tomorrow through effective management and your entrepreneurial activities. There are numerous opportunities out there. Prepare yourselves further today to use your entrepreneurial talents and be self-employed or prepare to be employable. Bend low and see opportunities at your door steps.


In order to become an active participant in this great endeavour to enthrone management excellence in Nigeria, we encourage you to enroll today to become members of the nations only Chartered Management Institute the Nigerian Institute of Management. Obtain our subsidized students membership forms and register today. NIM is establishing Tuition Centres all over the country where corpers can attend free lectures in management in preparation for the Management Pofessional Examination (MPE) towards the end of your service year A one year syllabus has been specially designed for you to enable you pass the MPE examination to become Graduate Members of the Institute, at the end of your service year.

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