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Upcoming Events and Programmes of the Institute



People Analytics Course.

Data Science Nigeria, in partnership with the Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered), presents a course on People Analytics: Data-driven approach to managing people at work.


The Management Practitioners’ licence is a permit issued by NIM to Management Consultants (Individuals and organizations) in attestation of their worthiness to practice

2020 Annual National Management Conference

As part of its contributions to nation building, the Institute organizes a national management conference yearly. The 2020 conference will be held virtually given the New Normal occasioned by the COVID-19 Pandemic

The New World of Work Registration Form

Technological advancements and the more recent COVID-19 pandemic have caused a disruption in the world of work. As our work life opens up to new realities, we must be ready to double our commitments to building a work

Protecting your Business against Fraud

The increasing cases of fraud recorded by businesses in recent times have placed serious risk on the going concern of several organizations.

2019 Accounts

Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered) was registered under the Nigerian law as a private Not-for-profit organization limited by guarantee in 1964. In June 2003, Act No.14 of the National Assembly granted the Institute